USED ONSRA BLACK Carve - Direct Drive Electric Skateboard

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  • Comes with the normal 360 days warranty
  • USED - Has kilometers on it already
  • Comes with the normal customer service we offer. If you have a problem send it in or we send you the parts you need. 
  • This board comes with 105mm Fleecy Wheels (for free) these made problems in the past and we don't sell them anymore but had a pack laying around.. (THESE WHEELS COME WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY) Only the Fleecy wheels anything else with the normal 360 day warranty. 

This board is stored in Germany! If you're from Switzerland you will pay taxes and we do not ship it overseas! (only in Europe)

Featuring an improved Hobbywing Turbo ESC. The overall hardware upgrade enables it to work at a much higher current. This allows BLACK Carve to get larger torque and faster acceleration. 



The package includes: The whole Skateboard, tool, charger, manual, remote controller and the wheels + adapters are your choice

  • Deck material: 7 ply Canadian maple hardwood and 2 ply bamboo with a perfect concave just like a normal skateboard!
  • Deck length: 37″/94cm
  • Deck wheelbase: 29″/74cm
  • Trucks: Super carve 320mm/13inch width.
  • Motors: Direct Drive motor 6000 watt diameter:70mm, Superior Heat Dissipation, Max AMPS: 40A, Max Voltage:12S/50.4V, Max KV Rating: 64KV
  • Bearings: Abec 9 Waterproof: IP55
  • Battery: Samsung Lithium Ion. 12s3p 44.4V 466.2Wh 10.5Ah
  • Recharge: Approx. 3-4 hours (2.5A Fast Charger)
  • Weight: 10.3kg. (97mm Wheels)
  • Range: Up to 45km/28miles (97mm Wheels)
  • Range: Up to  30km/19miles (115mm Rubber wheels)
  • Top Speed 97mm Wheels: 51kmh - 32mph
  • Top Speed 115mm Wheels: 51kmh-32mh
  • Top Speed 120mm Wheels: 56kmh - 35mph 
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Noiseless! Just like a Dual Hub motor
  • Acceleration: Three Speed Modes
  • Remote: ONSRA Remote Controller!
  • Max Load: 120 kg / 264 lbs. (BLACK Carve BELT 45T recommended for riders over 90kg as you can change the gear ratio) 
  • Terrain: Smooth and hard surfaces – Use any wheels on market! 
  • Hills: Up to 30% gradient THIS IS STEEP! 
  • Warranty: 1 Year