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DKP to TKP Truck Conversion Kit

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Introducing our premium CNC Truck Conversion Kit, designed to transform any DKP electric skateboard into a high-performance TKP setup. Our precision-engineered kit includes two top-of-the-line CNC-machined TKP baseplates.

Our CNC-machined TKP baseplates are made from aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum strength and durability. This ensures that they can handle the toughest terrain and keep you riding smoothly for years to come.

Our Truck Conversion Kit is easy to install. Simply remove your existing DKP baseplates and replace them with our CNC-machined TKP baseplates for a faster, more maneuverable ride that gives you the control you need to take on any challenge.

Order now and experience the ultimate in precision-engineered skateboarding technology!