ONSRA OPEN Electric Skateboard Race

We are happy to announce our upcoming electric Skateboard race. Our objective is to bring together riders from all over Europe, regardless of their preferred brand, for an amazing event. With three different categories, there is something for everyone. Not only will there be cool prizes for the podium finishers, but participants will also have the opportunity to create unforgettable memories.

Only limited amounts of tickets available for each category. 

- All brands and DIY are welcome.
- Limited tickets available.
- If you are not taking place in the race you are still very welcome to watch and check out all the different electric skateboards.

2WD, max 100mm PU Wheels, No Bindings
Open: 4WD and 2WD, all wheels, all boards
Fun / Training: No time measurement, all Boards and other PEV like OneWheels and Unicycles

If You register for Street or Open Race the Fun / Training Category is automatically included.
You can register for both races and take part in both of them.

Date & Time:
08.00 - 16.00

Food and Drinks:
For every ticket you get 1 Pizza and 1 beverage included in the price.
There will be a bar at the track where drinks and food will be available.

Auweg 27
79761 Waldshut

For any questions about rules or the event itself please contact us:
info@onsra.com, +41 78 223 99 52

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ONSRA OPEN Electric Skateboard Race

ONSRA organized an electric skateboard race on April 15th, 2023, at a go-kart track in Waldshut, Germany. The event featured more than 50 riders, from all over Europe, competing in three categories: OPEN, Street, and Fun. It was a successful event with amazing recers and a vibrant atmosphere. ONSRA is excited to continue organizing more races in the future, building upon the success of this event and bringing together electric skateboard enthusiasts.

XERACE 02.02.2022 Prague

On Saturday 02.04.2022 the ONSRA Switzerland team went to Prague, Czech Republic, to take part in an amazing race with Personal Electric Vehicles, XE Race. The race was organized by pitland.cz and riders from numerous countries attended.

ONSRA employee Christian won the 2nd place in the street Esk8 category. His colleague also impressed with great performance, in spite of the challenging road conditions. 

It was their first ever street race and the results speak for themselves!

Swiss Race 21.08.2021

In late August, the first ever Esk8 Cup Switzerland took place and riders from around the country came to the race. One of the riders was ONSRA CEO Fabian Doerig who did a special AT setup on the ONSRA Challenger (see below). The creativity paid off and he won the 1st price!

The Race was organized by www.e-longboard.ch and the main sponsor was ONSRA Switzerland.

ONSRA Electric Skateboard Race Rennen esk8 longboard skating esk8squad esk8community Eboardstore Eskate onsra skateboard longboard esk8cup cup