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O-Ring Black Carve 2, 3 and Challenger

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Our O-Rings are specially designed for ONSRA electric skateboards. They are a mechanical gasket, in the shape of a torus (a loop of elastomer with a circular cross-section) that is placed in between the deck and the enclosure of the skateboard.

This helps to provide a secure seal and prevent any unwanted movement or vibration that could affect the performance of your skateboard. The O-Rings are made of high-quality elastomer, which is known for its excellent resistance to wear and tear, and its ability to maintain its shape and flexibility over time, ensuring that the O-Rings will remain in place and continue to provide a secure seal, even after prolonged use. They are easy to install and replace, making it convenient for regular maintenance and upkeep of your ONSRA electric skateboard.



  • Better water resistance
  • Easier to service and take apart the Board
  • Better shock absorption

The O-Ring works for the following boards:

  • Black Carve 1
  • Black Carve 2
  • Black Carve 3
  • Challenger (any version)