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First Aid Screw and Bearings KIT

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The ONSRA First Aid Screw and Bearings KIT is a must-have for any electric skateboard owner. The kit includes all the necessary spare parts to keep your ONSRA BLACK Carve and Challenger electric skateboard running smoothly.

The kit includes screws and bearings, which are commonly replaced parts on electric skateboards. With high-quality materials and built to last, these spare parts will ensure your board performs well for years to come. Keep this kit on hand to ensure you never run out of spare parts and avoid unexpected downtime. 

  • 2x Wheel Bearings
  • 2x Pulley Bearings
  • 4x Inner Bushings 
  • 4x Barrel 95A 95% Rebound
  • 4x Cones 95A 95% Rebound
  • 2x Wheel Bearing Spacer
  • 4x Washers
  • 4x Direct Drive Motor Bolts
  • 4x Belt Drive Motor Bolts
  • 2x Truck Wheel Nuts
  • 2x Truck Kingpin Nuts
  • 2x Enclosure Bolts
  • 2x Truck Bolts 
  • 2x Motor Hanger Bolts